Mandee is my nickname, but Amanda works too. I'm a 30 year old Graphic Designer/Photographer/Yoga Teacher. In my spare time I like to experiment with makeup application, craft props for my shoots and scout for new locations in my area. My specialty is to shoot fashion and artistic type of work where I can explore new ways to express my visions.

Born and raised in Connecticut, I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago to pursue my creative career then ended up becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher. 200 Hour Power Yoga with CorePower Yoga and 50 Hour Yin Yoga with Bianca Fearon. When I'm not expressing my love for all things art, I teach Power Flow/Fusion/Restorative/Yin Yoga to all levels and ages. I've been practicing for the last 7 years and for me, sharing Yoga is my way of giving back to the world. Restoring our bodies and minds to a natural state of consciousness. It has been a mental and physical release for me. My initial reason for practicing was to help heal my Scoliosis and to become more aware of my Hyper Mobility. You can find me photographing live subjects of all kinds, practicing with two blocks always or making my favorite smoothie bowls.

Art is everything and everything is art!


What sets me apart from others?

- Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design college graduate from New England Institute of Technology with over 10 years experience.
- Fashion Designer with an extensive wardrobe in many styles and sizes to use.
- Video editing for YouTube and promotional videos.
- Amateur model of 6 years with experience in front of the lens. This experience has helped me to learn how to pose others and bring out your inner self.
- Self Taught Makeup Artist with 5 years of experience.
- Magazine editor of 2 years, experienced in submitting, creating content for editorials, cover features, and networking contacts. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!


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