Re Edited Photos from 2014

I decided a few weeks ago to watch more photography related videos on YouTube to boost my skills in shooting and editing. Slowly I’m learning new techniques regarding both which will hopefully help me revamp my portfolio. At least that is the plan, right? Hoping that some of these new techniques stick with me.

I think I might make a series out of this to post! I'm a visual person so seeing before and after edits is a helpful way for me to see my progress over time. I also believe that keeping yourself in a constant state of learning is healthy as an artist. Especially in 2017!



I’ve started to brighten up dark areas of the face, brighten the pupils, soften the skin more in depth and use levels more in Photoshop. I’ve gotten pretty used to only editing lightly and more natural which could be a bad thing in some ways. I just felt it was time to try some new techniques. Personally, I don't like editing too in depth. I appreciate the way my subjects look just the way they are so my editing is very light. 

My biggest inspiration for doing this fun exercise is Jessica Kobeissi! You can find her YouTube here. She specializes in Fashion portraits. So, naturally, I would gravitate towards her knowledge. Her editing tutorials are ON POINT! She makes editing techniques so much easier to understand. She is always willing to learn new techniques and try out new ideas. 

Below you can find a video of me going through old photos from when I first started shooting portrait in 2014. I go through and show original edits and then updated edits. Hope you enjoy and can find some insight!



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