Sharing Poems I Wrote In High School l Circa 2007


Writing has ALWAYS been a passion of mine! Ever since I took a Creative Writing elective in my Senior year of high school, I have loved to write. So I suppose it's really not a surprise that I'm now into blogging. Back then I used writing as a release of ideas. Now I use it as a way to express myself to others!

This blog is a reflection of who I am and what I've experienced. Allow me to introduce you to all of the pieces of me through this channel. Below are two poems I wrote while taking this Creative Writing class. I'm sharing these with you because I want this to be a place where I can be personable with my following.

Also below are three film photographs that I took my first year of college. I was just starting to learn manual camera settings. These are the only good ones I captured because I am not great with film photography. Enjoy!


In my dreams

Dreaming, in my eyes
is to wander throughout the sunrise

In my dreams
lies would be a conscious threat
with all the rules already set

In my dreams
nothing is impossible
and nothing is improbable

In my dreams
rain will fall
but only when I call

In my dreams
fears will come alive
only to be recognized

In my dreams
music is a reflection of self
not a sign of wealth

In my dreams
the stars will tell their stories
filled with love and many glories

In my dreams
my world will forever be sealed away
so don't try to find a way



Giving You Away

A new challenge begins
Against our own wills
Changing each and every moral
While discovering destiny

You give me no choice
Im giving you away
To an unknown future

Just to envision a lifestyle
Without any feelings of regret
Would end every dream
Worth fighting for

You give me no choice
Im giving you away
To an unknown life

Misused words are never heard
By the solemn minds
Of tomorrow

You give me no choice
Im giving you away
To an unknown chaos



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